The new book "Sergei and Elisabeth" was presented in Ekaterinburg

In Ekaterinburg was held presentation of the new book by Dmitri Borisovich Grishin "Sergey and Elizabeth", devoted to grand ducal couple. The presentation was on the birthday of the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fedorovna and took place in the spiritual and educational center "Imperial", In the Patriachal compound near the Cathedral on the blood.

"Sergei And Elizabeth" is a unique book. On the basis of the huge documentary material is for the first time, so truthfully, told about the complex and tragic destiny of the Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich, inextricably linked to the his holy spouses. Their mutual love and spiritual unity have created a beautiful union. A separate quality of the books is the illustrative material. Many of the photos are published for the first time.

Soon the publication will be presented, but is already on sale to the public.