Sergey Stepashin - on Radio «KP»: Humanitarian aid will distribute our priests

Chairman of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society spoke about how it is going to deliver in the south-eastern Ukraine dozens of tons of food and medicine

Tuesday, June 3, at the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society (IOPS) summarize the work and are set for the future. That’s what we said on Radio “KP” chairman of this NGO Sergei Stepashin ...

- By statute, we have every two years to conduct conferences, report on its work, which, in fact, done. In this mode, the 132 IOPS already running.

One of the major themes, which today took over society - is the provision of humanitarian assistance, including in the so-called hot spots. We took on the theme of Christianity in the Middle East, but expanded geography, especially in Syria, and help, in general, the entire population - Christians and Muslims. And this assistance is provided through their respective religious leaders are there in the war, they say, almost. 12 goods already sent more than $ 2 million - and through the Syrian airline through MOE and ...

Appreciation we got from the leadership of Syria, from international organizations.

Way, today made an official statement that we begin to collect and direction of humanitarian assistance to our brothers in the south-eastern Ukraine.

Because today, you know, kill people, not enough medicines, insulin. Just not enough food. All of this can be seen on television. From today officially begin collecting assistance. Although she is almost we collected at this stage, but I think it should be an ongoing process.

- How much aid has already collected?

- Several dozen tons, including medicines, food, medicine. The question we have only one today. Not to collect - people responded very quickly, and how to deliver.

you know that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially raised the issue before the UN Security Council on the establishment of a humanitarian corridor, in order to allow people to go there, and that we could delivering assistance. But due to the fact that we Orthodox society, decided, with the blessing of the Patriarch of All Russia Kirill, that this aid will be distributed by our Orthodox priests.

However, one of them, you know already arrested in Lugansk, accused of terrorism. But this general lawlessness, of course, when the clergy, calling for peace, declare terrorists. With this, too, need to understand ...