New exhibition opened in Narva

The new exhibition was opened in Narva Fortress Museum on 2 April 2014; the exhibition is dedicated to the founders of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian society, history of erecting churches, their compounds, hostels, schools and moments of pilgrimages to the Holy Land in the second half of the 19th century.

Some interesting pictures of Royal representatives of the Russian Empire, patrons and leaders of the Palestinian society. Some of the photos reflect the historical moments, when Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was being built in Tallinn - the design of the Cathedral was made by Mihhail Preobrazhensky, a member of Imperial Orthodox Palestinian society, member of Academy of Arts of Saint Petersburg. This outstanding Russian architect designed Pühtitsa Convent complex in 1892. Many gorgeous buildings and churches were erected on the basis of his designs not only in Russia, but also in France, Italy, Bulgaria, Argentina etc.

The opening of the exhibition was prepared by Saint George Foundation (Estonian Branch); the Chairman of Estonian branch of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society, Mr. Aleksandr Volohhonskij and the archpriest of the Church of the Narva Icon of the Mother of God, Vitaly Gavrilov made welcoming speeches at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

The keeper of funds of the Narva Museum, Aili Vester< reminded the audience of the fact that Narva fortess had already hosted expositions about Christianity, incl. the history of Christianity in Narva and Estonia. According to her, this new exhibition was supposed to demonstrate a new facet of Christianity, which had been unknown to may people. She also expressed confidence that the exhibition was going to be interesting for tge population of Narva.

The exposition was first presented in the Centre of Russian Culture in Tallinn on the 2nd of December 2013, when the Estonian branch of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society (IOPS) was officially opened.

The Saint George Foundation

Narva exhibition