Russia’s permanent delegate^ USA unlikely to sit on UNESCO’S executive board

The United States of America more than likely will not be a member of UNESCO’s Executive Board, the decision-making body of the organization between sessions of the General Conference, as far as the next two-year term is concerned, stated Russia’s Permanent Delegate to UNESCO Eleonora Mitrofanova at the press conference hosted by Russia Today on Monday.

‘Most likely, they won’t be represented in the Executive Board for the next term. For the moment, the first and the second electoral groups which include European nations, the USA, Israel and Turkey have arrived to a certain consensus, and therefore the American representatives will not be on the list of Executive Board candidates’, she said.

Ms. Mitrofanova recalled the fact that in 2011 the United States suspended its membership fees to UNESCO after the Palestinian Authority had been submitted. Since then the American delegation have been forfeited the right to vote at the General Conference; ‘however, quite ironically, they still have the right to vote in the Board of Directors, and they have been members of the Executive Board’.

According to the Russia’s Permanent Delegate, the US administration nonetheless advocates the option to reinstate in the organization and resume the payment of fees.

‘Such global structure as UNESCO cannot be a full-fledged global organization without the United States. There is some hope that they might change something, though in my opinion, looking at their behavior one cannot be too much optimistic’, Ms. Mitrofanova noted.

Source: RIA Novosti