Press TV: «Russia to continue to promote inter-religious partnership»

Russia has hosted a conference dubbed «Orthodoxy and Islam - Interfaith Dialogue in Achieving Global Peace».

Prominent Russian and foreign diplomats, religious figures and representatives of the scientific community, who participated in the conference, said today Islam and Orthodoxy have united for a common purpose in the fight against undisguised evil. The participants said developments in the world indicate that Muslims and Christians should unite on the basis of worshiping God, preserving the traditional family and love for the Motherland.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently approved the foundations of state policy for the preservation of traditional values. It states that the U-S and other "unfriendly countries" pose threat to values and the cultivation of selfishness and immorality.

The main goal of the conference is to consolidate efforts of state, religious, public, educational and scientific structures in the development of interfaith dialogue. The gathering is one of the key events in the work of the Russia-Islamic World Strategic Vision Group to support dialogue between religious, intellectual and cultural organizations.