Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society starts collecting funds to buy food for newborns in Syria

MOSCOW, September 11 (Itar-Tass) - The Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society (IOPS), which is the oldest Russian public organisation, intends to continue providing humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, IOPS deputy chairperson Yelena Agapova said.

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, Agapova said Syria “pins hopes on Russia and the Russian people”.

The IOPS “intends to expand humanitarian aid and bring the peace-making spirit to the Bible region by using public diplomacy as soft power”, she said.

Since the beginning of the year the IOPS has carried 58.8 million rouble humanitarian aid to Syria, chairman of the IOPS Moscow office Sergei Baidakov said.

“Six lots of humanitarian aid have been given to Patriarch John X of Antioch and Supreme Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun of Syria to distribute it among people regardless their confession,” Baidakov said.

Humanitarian aid, including medications, medical equipment, foodstuffs and essentials, were given to Damascus’ hospital in the beginning of August.

Syria Elena Agapova