Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society chairman: Syria is fighting international terrorism

The crisis in Syria has become a conflict between the extremists who are using the banner of Islam to carry out terrorist acts and those who are backed from the outside, on the one hand, and the wise and sound people represented by Syria and its supporters on the other hand, Stepashin told a news conference in Moscow Monday.

He stressed that there are foreign attempts to hamper getting the chemical weapons outside Syria to provide a pretext for the Americans to accuse the Syrian government of not getting rid of the chemical weapons.

On the policy of the Turkish government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan towards Syria, Stepashin pointed out that the Turkish government’s policy in supporting the terrorists in Syria constitutes serious threat to the unity of the Middle East countries, calling on Russia to influence the Turkish government to stop support to terrorism in Syria.

He added that many Armenian families and other Syrian families were forced to leave their houses in Kassab due to the Erdogan-backed terrorist attacks on them.

Stepashin stressed that the Society’s objective, through establishing a branch for Syria, is collecting aid and offering assistance to the Syrian people who are suffering from the effects of the terrorist war going on in Syria for three years.

He added that his meetings with the Syrian officials few days ago dealt with issues of economic cooperation and rebuilding electric power plants, in addition to establishing tourist centers and other projects in Syria.

On April 2nd, President Bashar al-Assad received the society’s delegation headed by Stepashin who conveyed to President al-Assad a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin in which the latter expressed his country’s determination to continue its support in various fields for the Syrian people’s steadfastness in the face of the war they are fighting against international terrorism backed by some Western and regional countries.

In an interview with SANA correspondent in Moscow, Stepashin stressed that Syria is fighting international terrorism, asserting the necessity of enhancing and uniting the international powers to stand by Syria.

For his part, Chairman of Solidarity with Syria Committee, Vladimir Fomin, expressed confidence that Syria is achieving victory after victory and its steadfastness for three years is giving fruits now as the Syrian Arab Army is storming the sites of the armed terrorist groups and inflicting heavy losses on them all over the country.

“The Syrian people and leadership are working today to revitalize the economy with determination on the ultimate victory over the international terrorism which has destroyed the infrastructure of the country,” Fomin added.


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