Основано в 1882 году Указом императора Александра III
«Не умолкну ради Сиона, и ради Иерусалима не успокоюсь» (пророк Исайя)
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    21 сентября 1913 (8 сентября ) митрополит Владимир заложил на мощах свт.

    Подборка материалов по теме «Syria»

    Damascus Patriarchs call for lifting of sanctions against Syria
    Sergey Stepashin tells "KP": We have helped Syrian people for three years. Today the importance of this mission has increased threefold
    Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society delivered 12 shipments of humanitarian supplies to Damascus and other Syrian cities. Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society (IOPS), chaired by former Prime Minister of Russia Sergey Stepashin, has launched a new joint campaign in cooperation with the ‘Russian Humanitarian Mission’ and a number of churches and monasteries of Moscow to collect humanitarian aid for the suffering people of Syria.
    UNESCO: temple of bel destruction in Syria is a crime against civilization
    Paris, September 2: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) firmly condemned on Tuesday the destruction of the Temple of Bel in Syria by militants of the terrorist organization ‘Islamic State’ (widely known as ISIS), reported TASS news agency.
    The director-general of UNESCO firmly condemns the destruction of the ancient temple jf Baalshamin, an iconic part of the Syrian site of Palmyra, a UNESCO world heritage site
    Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova firmly condemns the destruction of Palmyra's ancient temple of Baalshamin, Syria
    The director-general of UNESCO calls for all Syrians to Commit to the safeguarding of cultural heritage in Bosra and Idlib
    Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society chairman: Syria is fighting international terrorism
    The crisis in Syria has become a conflict between the extremists who are using the banner of Islam to carry out terrorist acts and those who are backed from the outside, on the one hand, and the wise and sound people represented by Syria and its supporters on the other hand, Stepashin told a news conference in Moscow Monday.
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